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This is a very short list of topics that might start the home care dialog with your primary care physician.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Frequent hospitalizations
  • Recently received a new diagnosis
  • Frequently calling 911 and/or visiting the emergency room, or urgent care
  • You’ve had a change in appetite (sudden weight loss)
  • Having frequent falls or near falls
  • You’ve went from using a cane to a walker
  • You’re experiencing an increase of swelling in the legs or ankles
  • You’re experiencing increased shortness of breath?
  • Spending more time in bed or sitting in a chair
  • You have a wound that won’t heal on your feet, back, buttocks or from a recent surgery
  • Could benefit from the use of Wound‐Vac therapy in‐home instead of long term nursing home care
  • Having difficulty recovering from surgery and you’re not able to travel to doctor appointments
  • Added a new medication and could use monitoring and education
  • You’ve received a diagnosis of a terminal illness but you’re not yet ready for hospice services
  • In need of short term or long‐term IV therapy and want to be at home
  • You are experiencing frequent pain and a TENS unit evaluation might offer non‐prescription relief
  • Having a knee or hip replacement, major surgery where you can choose between home and an nursing home for recuperation or rehabilitation

Remember, you always have the right to choose where you want to be when considering pre‐ and postsurgical

rehabilitation. This same list can be discussed with a surgeon or a hospital discharge

planner/social worker.